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Thorough Pellet Stove Cleaning

Solstice offers state of the art cleaning services for your pellet stove. Of course we remove all the ash from the stove firebox and the entire venting array, but we also clean the inner baffles, motor housings and any other voids that can affect the draft. We also will remove all sawdust and pellets from the feed mechanism and the blowers. We check all probes and limit discs, gaskets and voltages. We can remove stubborn stains on the glass, and touch up the paint if possible; all to ensure your stove is all buttoned up for the off season, and ready for you when you need it in the fall.

We remind all of our clients that burn 3 tons of pellets per year or more…that we run the same off season discounts in January as a mid season special.

Off-Season Special ONLY $199*

Off-Season Special ONLY $199*

With highly affordable pellet stove cleaning services, you can’t go wrong with the pros at Solstice Pellet Stove Solutions. Base rate for a pellet stove cleaning and servicing is $199 for the “Off-Season” of May-Aug. In-Season rates are $299-$349 depending on considerations for the stove, venting, location etc. Contact us to learn more!

*Additional Charges May Be Incurred for Extensive Venting, REJENCY CG 160, ENVIRO M-55 Inserts, & Quadrifier Inserts 

Give Your Stove a Fresh Start

Our Extensive Cleaning Services

We take care of every aspect of your pellet stove, leaving no element unchecked. We pay close attention to the smaller details that many people typically miss, including wiring, voltage, heat exchanges, gaskets, limit discs, and much more. We take care to ensure your system operates as best as possible once we are complete. Contact us today to learn more about our pellet stove cleaning, and get started today with a FREE initial estimate.

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