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Receive Annual Cleanings at a Great Price

Make sure you get the most comprehensive cleaning services. We don't use stone brushes, Solistice Pellet Stove Solutions uses more modern and safe techniques. You can even ask us to conduct a complementary, comprehensive inspection report with every cleaning. Take advantage of state-of-the-art techniques in cleaning ash and dust from pellet stoves. All cleaning services include disinfecting from the door handle the turn wheel vending. Annual cleanings will prevent your pellet stove from malfunctioning and needing repair. If you burn more than 4 tons a year, it's recommended that you get your stove cleaned twice a year. Contact us today for your FREE estimate or consultation.

You can take advantage of our off season special too! Get the lowest price, $129 to $149 from May 1 to Aug 15, $149 to $199 from Aug 15 to Oct. 1 and from Oct. 1 to April 1 depending on the kind of stove you own.

  • Remove dust, dirt, and grime from internal components

  • Check continuity of wiring harness and voltage in motors

  • Lubricate all components per manufacturer recommendation

  • Test the draft and air flow throughout machine

  • Clean glass with special solvent

  • Ash and sawdust removal

  • Baffles, air passages, and exhaust pipes cleaned

  • Heat exchanges cleaned

  • Clean limit discs and snap switches or probes

  • Test all gaskets and seals

Make sure every inch of your stove is cleaned

During January only, your stove cleaning costs $149.

This is usually for someone who burns more than 4 tons

of pellets during the winter.